plant maintenance system

Plant Maintenance System

An integrated system that provide plant maintenance management features, such as : Planning & Scheduling, Maintenance & Breakdown Activity, Equipment Status, Equipment Assets, Failure Analysis Report, etc.

Maintenance & Breakdown Activity

This system will record maintenance & breakdown activities of the equipments done by mechanics & inspectors. You can get automated report such as maintenance time, breakdown time, PA, etc of each equipment.

You also can get mechanics & inspectors performance for Man Power analysis & evaluation.

Equipment Status

This system is able to show & notify if the equipment is RFU (Ready for Usage) after maintenance has done by mechanics. It can be integrated to our Mintegra (Mining Integrated System) so if the equipment is not ready yet, it can’t be assigned, vice versa.

Equipment Assets

Manage your equipment as a main asset better with this system. You are able to know where the equipment is, its last status, its maintenance historical, spare part used, etc.