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AMDE - Mining Digitalization

We provide products such as Fleet Management System, Mine Plant Integrated System, and Mine Safety Accountability System. We also provide technology based solution to solve your mining operational problems by developing and architecting customized system applications.

Solve Your Mining Problem

Mine More Tons & Faster

Improve your mining fleet management operational more effective and efficient to mine more tonnes by digitizing and utilizing technology.

Mining Value Chain

Optimize Production & Productivity

Real Time Tracking

Monitor & Track Your Equipments in Real Time

Mobility & Remotely

Managing Ongoing Mining Operations and Access Report Anywhere & Anytime

System Integrated

Open to be Integrated with 3rd Party Apps through API

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Mintegra - Fleet Management System

Mintegra is a Fleet Management System that can
enables real time in field data collection across the
mine lifecycle using mobile devices. It answers the challenge of controlling your data and making it
relevant to the business without exceeding IT budgets
or creating large overheads.

Plant Maintenance System

An integrated system that provide plant maintenance management features, such as : Planning & Scheduling, Maintenance & Breakdown Activity, Equipment Status, Equipment Assets, Failure Analysis Report, etc.

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Safety Accountability System

An effective Accountability & Reporting System for safety management.

Development Customized System

We provide development customized system
as your needs to solve your problems. By planning, designing, developing, testing, and releasing the system.

Consulting & Architecting

We also provide consulting to our clients to have better understanding of your problems. So we can architect & propose an ideal tech based solution.

Collaboration Development

Do you have your own resources ? We are opened to do collaboration development to help developing your system.

Committed To Deliver Your Solution

We are committed to deliver your solution with affordable budget but with high quality products & services.

We Follow Best Practices

We combine state of the art technology and mining knowledge to provide new ease and breakthrough for mining solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We need to find the root cause of the your problems first. Then, define requirement for the solution with technology based. Calculate the estimation metric to decide if the solution will solve your problem.

Yes. Our products can be customized as much as you want. But we need to discuss first if the customization will solve your problems or not.

Yes. Collaboration in development with your team is possible.

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