About Us

About Us


We are a Mining Technology company dedicated to solve our customer’s problem using cutting edge technology.

Our vision is for all mining stakeholders to be able to use technology with an affordable. Because we know that currently, technology can only be accessed by high price.

Our experts are experienced with +15 years to implement various system in Mining industry, such as Fleet Management System, Mine Operational System, Plant Maintenance System, Safety Accountability System, etc.

We don’t just want to sell a product, we are dedicated to solve your problem. Our experts are open for discussing & brainstorming to achieve it.

Mining Operational

We have faced various mining operational problems for many years.
We know very well the complexity in mining field, how to find the root cause, define, and build tech based solution to solve your problems.

Mining Technology

We are also experienced with developing other system such as Mine Operational, Plant Maintenance, Safety Accountability, etc.
Our tech based products and services are using modern & latest technology which is more effective, efficient, and easier to use.
We are also open to do custom development to solve specific problems you faced.