Fleet Management System


Mining Integrated System

Mintegra is a Fleet Management System that can enables real time in field data collection across the mine lifecycle using mobile devices. It answers the challenge of controlling your data and making it relevant to the business without exceeding IT budgets or creating large overheads.

Activities, Tracking, and Equipment Status

Operator can assign current activities that being performed in the field. You can get a clear understanding of activities time (loading time, empty time, etc).

Provide real-time tracking unit location information and estimated time the unit will take to be completed. Including travel speed, historical tracks, etc.

Operator can change equipment status. Dispatcher can have a better report to know time allocation of each equipment status and its historical.

Short Interval Control &
Integration 3rd Party

You can access your data & report through our Web Based Reporting App dan our Mobile Based App for your control room, dispatcher, foreman, even to managers & directors. Also, you can integrate our data to another system (Tableu, PowerBI, etc) through our API integration.

Full Equipped Reporting Data

We have so many reports that will help you to understand & analyze more deeply to all of data provided, such as Hourly Production, Fleet Production, Fleet Productivity, Achievement, Operator Performance, etc. Not enough ? We can customize it.